3.6. Logging

3.6.1. Logging options


CouchDB logging configuration.


Specifies the location of file for logging output:

file = /var/log/couchdb/couch.log

This path should be readable and writable for user that runs CouchDB service (couchdb by default).


Changed in version 1.3:: Added warning level.

Logging level defines how verbose and detailed logging will be:

level = info

Available levels:

  • debug: Very informative and detailed debug logging. Includes HTTP headers, external processes communications, authorization information and more;
  • info: Informative logging. Includes HTTP requests headlines, startup of an external processes etc.
  • warning: Warning messages are alerts about edge situations that may lead to errors. For instance, compaction daemon alerts about low or insufficient disk space at this level.
  • error: Error level includes only things that going wrong, crush reports and HTTP error responses (5xx codes).
  • none: Disables logging any messages.

Includes SASL information in logs:

include_sasl = true

3.6.2. Per module logging


New in version 1.3.

In this section you can specify log level on a per-module basis:

couch_httpd = debug
couch_replicator = info
couch_query_servers = error

See src/*/*.erl for available modules.